Rebranding Story: The Arttelier, Former Louise & Co.

Rebranding Story: The Arttelier, Former Louise & Co.

Louise & Co. has been founded year 2018 by yours truly. I have chose the name because "Louise" is my second name and is actually a name I share with my sister, Jasmine Louise.

Being the very optimistic person I am, I actually wanted this small business to be something I could pass along my future children if they happened to want to. And with that, of course, I plan to give my future little girls "Louise" as their second name too.

Back in the Philippines, I was not alone in working for this brand, hence the "& Co."

I had friends that became family to me who was helping me produce the products we offer. We used to just offer beaded accessories so it was really easy. I just show them a sample of my designs and bead combinations, and they will recreate it. We were never aggressive on social media before, reason for this is because we have mall locations and those malls have high foot traffic. We didn't had to market online that much.

Year 2021, I had to say goodbye to everyone in the Philippines, including the entire team.

I moved to Canada to start a new life with my husband. Originally, I was planning on going back to college while I work part-time once I get a job. Thanks to the pandemic, my plans were ruined.

I did found a job. Luckily, I didn't had to apply like crazy for anything. I just had an offer from a huge tech-gaming company and I now work from home. I'd love to share more about my career and more personal stuff, but that is for another story.

Since I am working from home and due to the infinite lockdown in Ontario, I decided that I should go back to the jewelry business again. Of course I wanted to continue Louise & Co., I was just waiting for the right time. I figured this could be it.

But I realized the name doesn't fit the brand anymore. Company? I do all things by myself for now. From creating the packaging from scratch, designing and putting my ideas to life, marketing and PR, logistics, inventories, name it! It's all me. Hopefully I could grow a team here in Ontario as well. But for now, I just have to deal with me, myself, and I.

That's how "The Arttelier" came to mind. Right about now, my living room looks like an art workshop or studio. ART + WORKSHOP, yes, Arttelier.

Do I plan to find a studio or workshop soon for crafters and makers? That's for me to know, and for you to find out.

xx, Monica


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